HANNITY: The Deep State’s Stunning Abuse of Power Now on FULL DISPLAY | Sean Hannity

Speaking during his opening monologue on ‘Hannity’ Thursday night, Sean slammed high-ranking members of the FBI and the DOJ for openly “discussing how to override the will of the American people” and “remove” President Trump.

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And WHAT will be done about it?

If criminal charges are not brought, it encourages this behavior.

I’m reading the portion of Exodus, ( thats is the Bible in case some dont know).
The Deep State and radical left so remind me of Pharoah and how he hardened his heart against God and His warnings just as the evil radical left is doing today. We are seeing history repeat itself. Their destruction is eminant as they refuse to repent and turn from their wickedness.
God will eventually show His power by them as He did when He unleashed His plagues against Egypt destroying them while protecting His peple.
Ya see, God doesnt change!! It’s written the time will come!!
The president, and all the rest of us who believe in God need to turn to the Psalms and pray the Daviidic prayers he prayed against his enemies. (For example Psalm 17: 1-15)
As long as the Pharoahs of today exist in this country we are most assuredly in danger, the immorality and murdering of God’s infants will continue.