HANNITY: Sessions Should UN-RECUSE Himself Immediately

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/hannity-sessions-should-un-recuse-himself-immediately/

Speaking during his opening monologue on ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night, Sean called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to un-recuse himself immediately; saying his decision to recuse himself last March continues to damage the country to this day.

“In early March of last year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions had just been appointed by President Trump. He vowed to uphold the law of the land. Without skipping a beat Sessions stunned President Trump and decided to recuse himself from the single biggest case facing the country,” said Sean.

“We have the country’s top lawyer immediately recusing himself from the single-most pressing legal case without any prior warning to President Trump or those that confirmed him,” he added.

“What Sessions did is so harmful, the ramifications so massive, his decision that day is playing out today and hurting the country,” said Hannity. “Why didn’t he tell anyone the likelihood he was going to recuse himself before he was appointed?”

Watch Sean’s opening monologue above.

Let’s say he does un-recuse himself, then what? He is not going to shut down the Mueller investigation. Nothing changes, other than the ire directed at Sessions will be over his decision to allow the Mueller investigation to proceed unabated, versus his decision to recuse himself. Of course, it is also silly to believe that he will take this step even. Recusing himself was exactly the appropriate and ethical move on his part.

Using the “Nunes” Precident to undo something legally binding. Cute.

I think Mueller is hurting democrats more then hurting Trump. Same thing happen with that other pervert that kept Clinton little escapade in nightly news 2 decades ago.

I still don’t know who was more embarrassing. Clinton or Starr.

Who cares whether Mueller hurts Democrats or Trump more?

Perhaps. If so, it is because he is running such a tight ship that is completely leak free, and he does not address the PR movement employed by Trump and company. Which is just more proof that Mueller is only interested in the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. He is not concerned with political perceptions, who this helps or hurts, or even whether his reputation is being attacked. This is about good, old fashioned law enforcement and investigation.

The lack of leaks is obviously one of the biggest differences between Mueller and Starr as well. Starr and his team leaked like a sieve, as they were desperate to counter the PR attacks being levied by Clinton and company. They cared as much about their reputations as they did investigating.

I totally expect Trump to demonize anyone or any institution in order to save his own ass. The propaganda machine is already working to convince the country that the DOJ and FBI are totally corrupt. He is doing damage that might take many years to repair. This is the first president in my lifetime that totally places his own interests before the interest of his country. And he is getting fine support from the CEC. They have hitched their reputations to a charlatan. And I believe that they will pay a hefty price.

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Yep, this.

I believe history will judge Trump and his supporters very, very harshly for the cancer they have wrought upon our nation.

Then he should certainly continue with his investigation, correct?

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So you’re calling us cancer.

And to think you tried to convince me and other members that you’re better then us.

Nice job NF.

It’s a metaphor. Not that I expect you to comprehend what that means.