Hannity: Pelosi’s days are numbered

…and it looks like she has groomed her daughter Christine to take over for her.

Ruling elite to the nth degree.


There is only one way for her to leave…medical necessity.

Even then we have seen reps with no brain function continue on as staff run the office.


Even if it wasn’t technically illegal for Pelosi to rip up Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, I’m sure that Bill Barr will be able to find something we can prosecute her on if he searches hard enough. The announcement of the investigation alone might be enough to tank her poll numbers so she doesn’t get reelected. Pelosi’s days are numbered.

I like what you did there …Nice work…:+1:

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Section 1513 of Title 18 embraces two types of conduct heretofore beyond the purview of Federal law. First, the statute reaches threats of retaliation. Second, it reaches attempts to retaliate. Section 1513 complements 18 U.S.C. § 1512 by proscribing conduct amounting to retaliation for participation in Federal legislative, administrative, or judicial proceedings or for the communication of information to Federal law enforcement officers. With the exception of the omnibus clauses of §§ 1503 and 1505, the express prohibitions against retaliating against witnesses, parties, and informants contained in former 18 U.S.C. §§ 1503, 1505, and 1510 are now in 18 U.S.C. § 1513(a) and (b).

Retaliatory firings such as we saw yesterday clearly violate federal law. Do you care about that, or is law merely an inconvenience when Trump wants something?

Nancy is slipping, her behavior shows it. Ripping up an official document was not only undignified, it was stupid. She had a chance to be a great speaker, a dignified speaker and a respected speaker. Instead she will always be remembered as a weak speaker, one who was ruled by the “squad”. She will be remembered as petty, standing in front of cameras and engaging in small nasty commentaries instead of remembering her position. And she will be remembered as undignified, someone who completely lost her composure and control on national tv. As a woman, I’m appalled that she became the horrid caricature of every badly drawn female. She entered a man’s world and fell apart, and for that I’m disappointed and dismayed. She should have done better, better for women, better for her country, better for her office and better for herself. Instead, at every provocation she found a new low. That’s not something to be heralded or cheered from either side. No. It’s something to be embarrassed for and shamed.


Thanks for the reminder. I haven’t fed the horses this morning.


Donald IS the law. What I care about is the integrity of his administration and its effectiveness when it comes to MAGA, and if he has to break a few irrelevant laws to purge the ranks of vile seditious traitors then so be it! Libs keep trying ro hide behind democracy to subvert Trumpism’s Great Work, so until they are rendered powerless to harm Donald and therefore America we need to do whatever it takes to thwart them. We can always come back to democracy afterwards when Donald’s and therefore America’s enemies are neutralized.

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Thank you for your excellent summary of what the Trump/Republican Party is about.

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It’s time to take the fight to libs! Force them to eat their peas! Ensure they never ever regain power! Let Donald’s and therefore America’s vengeance be swift and terrible! We will not allow them to turn America into New Venezuela! Rise up and defend guns, Jesus, the flag, and babies from demonic lib traitors! Flush them down the toilet of history, and please don’t stop until the last one is gone! They aren’t better than us! I’ve been taking the fight to libs since 1977, no one knows them better than me! I have and will continue to predict their behavior perfectly! Buy TP and snacks, the time of reckoning for the sick freaks who pushed the Russian collusion hoax is at hand! Whatabout? So what?

Trump is cool.


And this sets her apart from Donald Trump in what way?


Bet me your avie for however long that she retires as Speaker.

No more than all the craving for Don Junior to Run after his dad is done.

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She is immune from arrest while congress is in session. She is not immune when congress is in recess.

Wow? Seriously?

Wait. I know how to play.

“You got her now!


I had to read it a few times before it hit me.

That’s clever.

My question too.

Her district is a lock for her.

All hail Orange Man King.