Hannity: Pelosi’s days are numbered

I agree that Pelosi’s are numbered, and with a tip of the hat to Bennet Cerf, I offer the following for your consideration:

   Pelosi’s skating on thin ice.
   She’s skating oh so frisk.
   Nancy is not wise, but silly,
   Her very own *

She knows she is close to retirement age, so she just doesn’t care anymore. She’s gone if she does, gone if she doesn’t.

I want to see how her “destruction of congressional records” plays out.

You’re going to be waiting a long time for that, since her copy wasn’t an official congressional record. :roll_eyes:

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Donald’s begun the Great Purge! The sick freaks will be destroyed and America delivered from lib evil!

a threat?

If you are not laughing you need to read my rhyme aloud.

No more so than Nancy’s “alternative” to ripping up Trump’s speech.

I enjoy how she makes Trump supporters froth.

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How do you know that?
Do you have a reference?

If she could go home, that would be great. lol

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These threads are always fun.

Good luck sean…literally nothing you can do about her.

Sure. The official copy is given to the House Records Clerk. Pelosi’s copy was simply Pelosi’s personal copy.


Why who is going to take her seat.

CanadianJudo: Ha! Given your reference to “her seat” are you subtly telling me that you know what the rhyme’s last line says? In any case, GOPer becomes speaker.

Speaker Pelosi tearing up her copy of the SOTU was a threat?

I said her “alternative”. What was the alternative?

‘It was the courteous thing to do - considering the alternative!’

How is she going to be removed from office?

It really does not matter whether it was an official document or not. She is immune from prosecution use US Const. Art I, sec 6, cl.1. The only possible consequence is House censure.