Hannity joins Trump on the campaign stage

Open secret that the opinion side of FNC views the hard news side with contempt. And the feeling is somewhat mutual.

So some reactions like this are to be expected, imo.

In the end, whoever makes the most money for the company will win that battle.

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If that’s the case, it’s already over. One of the reasons the opinion side looks down on the hard news side is the ratings gap.

Now that’s honesty in politics. Our host is practicing what he preaches.

Kinda hard to deny now that Fox is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party and the Trump administration.

this is fox news making an in kind campaign donation to trump.

Good for him. He’s a straight shooter with his convictions.

If Hannity is supposed to be hiding a bias for Trump, he’s not very good at it.

from https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2016/09/fox-news-sean-hannity-literally-endorses-donald-trump-on-new-campaign-ad.html

2016 campaign ad for Trump

You know he had a comedy show, right?

Did Jon Stewart say he would not and then turn around and did…?

You mean he said one thing and did another? Color me shocked.

Don’t worry…Lee’s not around anymore.

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Was there seriously loud shrieking going on?

Which national news conglomerate did Stewart work for then?

Little fibber

Not true. I hear the straight news division at Comedy Central freaked out.