Hannity joins Trump on the campaign stage

This was interesting, don’t think I’ve seen cable news hosts this explicitly campaign for either side like this.

A new normal maybe, though if FNC wasn’t given the heads up this was going to happen they might be a bit upset.

Nobody complained when Jon Stewart showed up onstage during Obama rallies.

(Afraid to say anything)

My guess would be that the hard news section of FNC is going to be a tad upset with this.

Looks like Pirro joined with Trump on-stage as well.

Eh, as long as you’re not insulting I don’t see why there would be an issue.

I’m sure it will be brought up in the regularly daily schedule of 30 minutes of hard news on Fox.

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We live in strange times where tens of millions of people believe their own version of reality. Hannity himself specifically said on Twitter that he would not be going on stage and campaigning. Will even bringing up the fact that he did, despite the video evidence, be seen as an attack on our host?

I dunno. Do you?

Why stop with Sean?


Awww c’mon, they get at least a few hours in. Baier and Wallace are actually very solid, imo.

libbies are getting desperate.

If one is to lanel Sean, I think talk show host would be more accurate

I mean Label…

Fair & Balanced new coverage.

From now on will Hannity come out with disclaimers at the begining of any Trump segment that he campaigned for Donald Trump?

First he said, “…To be clear, I will not be on stage campaigning with the President…” until he went on stage to campaign.


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It is my understanding that Rush Limbaugh also came on stage to campaign?



Interesting strategy in an election where republicans are losing women and independents by a pretty remarkable margin. How on earth does this help with that?!

They’re turning it into sarcasm now.