HANNITY: Insiders Say Mueller ‘Edited Voicemail Transcripts,’ Submitted ‘False Statements’ in His Report

Originally published at: HANNITY: Insiders Say Mueller ‘Edited Voicemail Transcripts,’ Submitted ‘False Statements’ in His Report | Sean Hannity

Former attorney to the President John Dowd stopped-by ‘Hannity’ Monday night to comment on recent reports that Robert Mueller “edited voicemail transcripts” and submitted “false statements” in his final report.

“I wouldn’t want my words twisted like that,” said Hannity.

“I had an obligation as counsel to the President to find out what’s going on. I’m so glad that they released the transcript, because we now know the truth. Isn’t it ironic that this man who kept indicting people for process crimes, submitted a false statement in his own report by taking out half of my words?” fired-back Dowd.

“It’s an outrage, there’s probably more of it,” he added.

Attorney General William Barr directly rebuked Robert Mueller’s “legal analysis” during an interview that aired Friday; saying the special counsel’s final conclusions “did not reflect the views of the Department.”

“Attorney General Bill Barr said in an interview that aired Friday that he does not agree with ‘a lot of the legal analysis’ inside Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report and said it does ‘not reflect the views’ of the Justice Department, the latest break between President Trump’s attorney general and leader of the Russia probe,” reports Fox News.

“We didn’t agree with the legal analysis, a lot of the legal analysis in the report,” Barr said. “It did not reflect the views of the department. It was the viewpoint of a particular lawyer or lawyers, so we applied what we saw was the right law.”

In an exclusive interview, Attorney General William Barr said Robert Mueller and the Justice Department disagreed over the "legal analysis" in the special counsel's report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. @JanCBS reports. https://t.co/WD5fcCfTip pic.twitter.com/gqtmQmKIRT

— CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) May 31, 2019

In the same interview, Barr also said Mueller could “have reached a decision” on whether the President “obstructed justice” during his two-year long probe.

“We saw the special counsel yesterday make that statement… He then said he really couldn’t make a decision. Do you agree with that interpretation?” asked CBS This Morning.

“I personally feel he could’ve reached a decision… He could’ve reached a conclusion. The opinion says that you can’t indict a President while he’s in office. But he could have reached a decision as to whether it was criminal activity,” said Barr.