HANNITY: Far-Left Socialism Has Taken Control of the Democratic Party

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Speaking during ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night, Sean weighed-in on the Democratic Party’s lurch towards socialism; saying a radical brand of far-left liberalism has hijacked Congressional legislators.

“Brand-new, far-left socialism has now taken over the Democratic Party, a new radicalism… Don’t forget about New York Mayor Bill de Blasio complaining there’s a lot of wealth in New York, it’s just in the wrong hands. Now he wants to confiscate private property from landlords,” said Sean.

“Out in left-wing California, you’ve got Gavin Newsom who now wants you to pay for your drinking water. They’re now banning paper receipts because they’re not good for the environment,” he added.

Watch Hannity’s panel discuss the new, far-left Democrats above.

This sounds so scary…


Bleach Bit!

de Blasio wants to seize property from landlords who repeatedly violate the law… Trump wants to seize property from law abiding landowners to build the wall under the law of Eminent Domain. Which one is socialism?

In my life as an American renter and homeowner I have paid water bills. So have I been living in a socialist state all along?

We are heading towards a cashless and paperless society anyway: far better for record keeping… So adopting new technology is socialism but maintaining old technology is capitalism. I’d better sell my car and acquire a horse and buggy if I want to avoid being called a socialist.

The Democrat Party is definitely making a push to the far left towards Socialism.

Unfortunately, for the Democrats the American people don’t want Socialism.
So, it’s one of those things that the Democrat Politicians can’t fully admit that they stand for yet.

If you are talking about socialism accurately as worker control over the means of production, no Democrats are talking about that. What is being called socialism:

  • · Reducing the influence of big money in politics
  • · Health care for all
  • · A higher minimum wage
  • · Transition to renewable energy
  • · Protection of the environment
  • · Background checks on gun purchases
  • · Assuring the right to vote

those all are supported by a majority of the American people, though many of those people do not trust the Democratic party to deliver on them. Of course this has nothing to do with socialism by any rigorous definition.

You are defining socialism as a synonym for “bad.” Why don’t you just say what you mean?

A wall on the southern border, tax cuts to benefit wealthy Americans, removing the guarantees on health care for people with pre-existing positions – the Trump Agenda – do not have the support of the American people, no matter how passionately they are supported by Trump’s base.

No when I talk about Socialism I’m talking about things like;
-Universal Healthcare(aka Obamacare/making people pay for things that they
don’t want!).

  • Cortez, and Bernie Sanders and a lot of their ideas.
    -raising taxes
    -open borders
    -More Terrorism attacks under Obama.

You know, things like that. That’s what I consider Socialistic type things.
That’s what I mean.

Letting illegal immigrants vote. Which is basically allowing anyone to vote.
There’s your Liberal Russian Meddling, right there.

The hoax and con of Global Warming.

So you picking and choosing to fit your narrative.
Let me ask you, did you get a public school education?
So what government controlled highway did you drive on today?

What’s wrong with public schools?

and yes, I’ve only gone to public schools.

Did you get a public school education? Or maybe you got a private school
education, or are a lawyer, or an Ivy league education, and you think
that you’re automatically better than me? Otherwise why would
you ask me if I have a public school education?

You are proving my point. To you, socialism is not a ploitical philosophy, it is a synonym for ‘bad’.

Anarchy is a philosophy distinct from socialism. If you read anarchists like Bakunin or Kropotkin you would find a hostility to large organizations very close to Trump’s approach but miles from socialism.

More terror attacks under Obama? Whatever are you talking about?

For some reason under Obama and the Democrats there were a lot more terrorist attacks around the world, and in America in general. Does anyone else notice that and feel safer terrorist wise under Trump than Obama? I do.

That’s because Trump actually cares about the safety of Americans, and the Democrat Politicians didn’t, and don’t. Not really.

Ironically enough, shortly after Obamas preacher said this his preacher retired, and Obama stopped going there. I wonder why?

Rev. Wright; God Damn America - Long Version - Obama Preacher Rant


This is absolutely hilarious. Dude you can’t pick and choose what socialist type programs are bad and which ones are okay. Public education is, on paper a branch of socialism.
FTR…I’m a big advocate of public school, did it from K-12. Also, I see what you attempted to do here trying to flip it and bounce it to make yourself look like a victim. Good try.

One of the great things you can do with statistics is make up whatever fits our ideology. Overall, terror attacks were down in the US and up in Europe during the Obama years. Obviously, that’s because the Obama administration was terrific at protecting Americans. Obviously that was because Obama’s Administration was terrific at protecting America and so the terrorists had to operate elsewhere. Don’t you agree?

Terrorism in America during the Obama years was at its lowest in 2009-2010 and then rose steadily from 2011 on. Obviously, that’s because the Republicans gained control over Congress in 2011. Don’t you agree?

Feel better now?

And what Reverend Wright has to do with the question of Democrats promoting socialism eludes me, though I’m smiling to see you chose to deflect within a discussion that you started!

To help tear down the infrastructure of a Country, and create Anarchy, and Socialism,
one must first get rid of the countries core values. Destroying America’s principle religious beliefs is a big step. Mainly, because it also helps destroy the morals within the country.

How about you America? Did you feel safer while Obama was President against terrorists attacks, or under Trump? Personally, I feel a lot safer under Trump. I know he won’t go on an apology tour like Obama did. Some thing like that doesn’t normally instill a lot of trust that your leader is courageous. But that’s just me.

Since the primary perpetrators of terrorism in the United States are right wing groups (71% of all total attacks on US soil since 9/11) and since President Trump seems very comfortable with the support of such criminals, i felt substantially safer under Obama. The Pittsburgh synagogue was shot up for holding a HIAS sponsored “refugee shabbat” the same weekend as my synagogue did the same. Some of us face more real threats than others.

As to tearing down religious values… I think the churches in the US have done all the work necessary to achieve that… from the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church to the numerous Protestant frauds like Jim and Tammy Baker. Why do you blame politicians for that?

The “Apology Tour” was a right wing meme, but it never actually took place. Fake news all the way.

And finally, you continue to conflate anarchism and socialism because you don’t actually understand either of them, and they both function for you as synonyms for “bad.” It would be easier to bring this conversation to a productive conclusion if you could demonstrate even a minimal acquaintance with political theory. As a Trump Republican, I think you would find yourself largely in agreement with Bakunin, if you took the time to read him. While I find the critique of concentrated power by the anarchists attractive, I am much more comfortable with the more modest goals of an Alexandr Herzen, but Herzen would line up more with Bernie Sanders. You would benefit from acquainting yourself with both philosophers.

Fake News such as Buzzfeed?

You’re still deflecting your own post.

But do you really regard Buzzfeed is a reliable mainstream source. I checked in with the on-line New York Times all day and they paid almost no attention to the story. I kept wondering why they were downplaying it, it had to be some combination of their having inside information or sound editorial judgment. So kudos to the New York Time and frankly, Buzzfeed???

What post of mine am I deflecting?

Buzzfeed is a 3rd rate media outlet, and they only did this, because it’s
a Liberal based biased media outlet that needed the ratings, and wanted
the attention.

Since it’s not directly ABC, NBC, CBS, the big 3, the rest of the Liberal media outlets can say whatever they want, and it doesn’t matter if their credibility gets destroyed(if they have any that is), because they have so many others that they can easily throw under the bus.

What does any of this have to with “far-left socialism taking over the Democratic Party?

You did see when Pelosi did not give Ocasio-Cortez the committee assignments she wanted. How do you square that with the topic at hand?n