HANNITY EXCLUSIVE: Read Michael Flynn’s Supplemental Sentencing Memorandum

Originally published at: HANNITY EXCLUSIVE: Read Michael Flynn’s Supplemental Sentencing Memorandum | Sean Hannity

The legal team behind former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn filed a supplemental sentencing memorandum this week; saying the court’s position is “not only unjust, it is unlawful.”

“This Court should swiftly reject the government’s brazen attempt to punish Mr. Flynn for refusing to compose rather than sing. The reversal of its sentencing position is not only unjust, it is unlawful. If left unchecked, it will send a dangerous message to cooperators – give testimony consistent with the government’s theory of the case, regardless of veracity, or pay the price with your freedom,” states the legal briefing.

Said Sidney Powell, “If after our additional briefing is filed this Friday, the government continues wrongfully on the path to sentencing Mr. Flynn, he should be placed on probation. Mike Flynn is innocent of all charges, he is a national treasure, and he is a great American patriot. This entire “investigation” and prosecution is a grotesque abuse of power and a travesty of justice by the FBI and DOJ-while they still hide the original 302 that shows General Flynn told the truth. Meanwhile, we have already filed-and will file
more-actual documents that show Mr. Van Grack made up and has relentlessly pursued false FARA charges against General Flynn.”

Read the full document here.