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Legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh is set to sit-down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday night less than three weeks before American voters head to the polls; answering a series of hot-button questions surrounding President Trump, the current state of the Democratic Party, and the pivotal 2018 midterm elections.

Limbaugh confirmed the interview during his radio broadcast Wednesday afternoon, saying he was looking forward to a “good day” featuring some “decent questions.”

“I’m getting some emails asking me about a TV interview. Yes. Sean Hannity is bringing his crew here. He’s gonna be flying down tonight after he finishes his 9 p.m. show on Fox, and they’ll be setting up shop here, and we’re gonna do an interview tomorrow morning prior to this program that’s gonna air tomorrow night on Fox. I think it’s most of the hour. I’m not sure. Depends on how it goes. If I blow it, maybe only a segment or two,” said Rush Wednesday.

“But if I’m on and have a good day and get some decent questions, then it could go for the whole hour. Sean’s gonna bring the commie babe makeup artist, Debra, from the old Rush the TV Show. She’s coming in. My niece, Christen, is coming in. So it’s gonna be a festive atmosphere beginning quite early in the morning. It’s television. It takes ’em a long time to set up. So, yeah, that’ll happen tomorrow,” added the legendary radio host.

Don’t miss Rush Limbaugh live on ‘Hannity’ Thursday at 9PM.

I DVR it. I watched half of it or a little more. Still need to finish it. I think Hannity wants
Rush to come back to T.V…

At times in the past I haven’t agreed with Rush on certain things, but he said that he couldn’t come back, and I think that part of that reasoning was because he had said something that was cut out later of the interview I believe(just as an example why he wouldn’t). Even though I enjoy Fox News. I’m not completely biased, and take anything I watch from either side of the spectrum with a grain of salt, and I make up my own mind about things ultimately. I like Rush, because he isn’t politically correct all of the time, and if you’re on television, especially a Conservative station you have to be a lot more proper, and a lot more sensitive to what you have to say. Personally, I could never be on t.v. on a regular basis either, because I’m far from politically correct. I have my moments when I can be proper, but I think I know where Rush was coming from. Overall, from what I’ve seen so far, It was a pretty badass interview. I’d recommend people watching it, if they haven’t seen it already.