HANNITY: Democrats Risk Major 2020 Setbacks with Latest Impeachment Push

Originally published at: HANNITY: Democrats Risk Major 2020 Setbacks with Latest Impeachment Push | Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity slammed the Democratic Party’s latest push to impeach the President Monday night; saying liberal politicians face a major “liability” during the 2020 election should they try to remove Donald Trump from the White House.

“I don’t see this working out well. Especially with the liability of Biden. I see another boomerang coming really quickly. I don’t think the media is going to be able to spin the Biden aspect of this and blame Trump for an innocent phone call,” said Hannity.

“I don’t see the Democrats having done much of anything, except impede any progress. They’re not working on any issues. Now they’ve come up with another witch hunt,” he added.

Sen. Lindsey Graham unloaded on his far-left colleagues for their new Ukraine obsession earlier this week; saying the Salem Witch Trials had “more due process” than their latest investigation.

“The whistleblower said, ‘I have no direct knowledge. White House officials told me this. They told me about a phone call.’ There’s a disconnect. Who are these people and what are they up to? The Salem Witch Trials had more due process than this,” said Graham.

"The Salem witch trials had more due process than this" – @LindseyGrahamSC

In the eyes of Democrats and the media, @realDonaldTrump has been guilty since Nov. 9, 2016. His crime? Winning the election

They've been trying to undo that ever since. Total witch hunt! pic.twitter.com/Qp9VW2oD4d

— Elizabeth Harrington (@LizRNC) September 29, 2019

Graham’s comments echo similar statements he made last week, demanding the identity of those who leaked internal White House conversations to the whistleblower.

“It is imperative we find out which White House official talked to the whistleblower and why. Why didn’t they lodge the complaint?” asked Graham on social media.

“As to the other matters in complaint: Clearly a coordinated effort to take second-hand information to create a narrative damaging to the President. When I think of whistleblower complaints I generally think of someone with first-hand knowledge of the events in question,” he added.