Hannity and Ollie AWOL on latest Ortega Massacers in Nicragua

Colonel North got rich of his fame from (rightly) supporting the campesinos of Nicaragua in their fight against the first Ortega dictatorship. Now he is massacering unarmed civilians by the hundreds again. This time it’s in the cities so plenty of cell phones to capture the evidence.

There is a Washington Post reporter, Josh Partlow, under siege in a church down there right now.

Why not send Geraldo to cover?

Why doesn’t Sean do a show on all the lefites who enabled this dicataorship and expose the slaughter in prime time???

Why doesn’t Ollie use his millions and contacts to get military aid flowing to Nicaraguan civilians similar to what was done in Syria? If anyone has contact, have him PM me.

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Time to get the band back together again!

Sneaky, you’ve had a lot of experience in School of Americas and training right wing death squads to overthrow leftists in Central America. Any input here?

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If there’s actual video footage of the astrocities being described in the OP, I hope it gets out and the world comes to their aid.

Ollie North as head of the NRA. If they weren’t a domestic terrorist bucket shop before, they sure as ■■■■ are now. Ollie North is not a good dude, at all.

Ortega’s thugs burnt a 3 month old to death along with her family, shot a 14 month old to death, have killed close to 400 unarmed civilians, disapeared 300 more, all in the last 2 months. Also beat up a Bishop as well.

I only saw poor campesinos in botas de ule (rubber boots) fighting Hind-D MI-24 helicopters with a few rounds each during my 3 voluntary combat tours with the so called Contras. No school of the Americas attended by anyone I ever met.

I agree with your first statement. Time to get the band back together. God knows the government, UN, OAS aren’t doing jack s***.

Trump could order troops and aid in there at any time. He hasn’t. Don’t expect Hannity to talk about this at all as he would have to criticize Trump for his inaction, and that will never happen.

There probably is a shortage of nuns being thrown out of helicopters these days. Ollie will take care of that.

Understandable mistake when one considers “The Flying Nun” a documentary series.

Tons of video. Nica Dispatch Twitter

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Oh yes he is a good guy, you can tell because leftist liberals hate him so much! You can always tell who the "good guys"are by the intensity of leftist hate for them.

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I was under the impression Sneaky worked directly for right wing govts. and ran units with death squads. This sound reasonable? There were definitely parts of our intelligence community that had no problem doing this.

The “leftist liberals” you speak of are being murdered in churches as you type.

Congrats on getting your wish.

Haha. That is @Roxiebelle to a tee.


Now it’s left wingers who have death squads…

Latin American leftism is very violent…

"“We are governed by a genocidal couple that has sunk the country under a wave of state terrorism. To join a peaceful protest for them is reason enough to order your death,” Hernandez said at a news conference this past week organized by SOS Nicaragua Global, a group of Nicaraguans living abroad who support the protesters.

The body of one of his friends, Keller Perez Duarte, 23, turned up in the Cuesta El Plomo, the same place where the Somoza dictatorship once dumped its execution victims. Perez Duarte, a student at the National Agriculture University, had been strangled and tortured by Ortega’s forces."

…“Castro copied his recipe for repression and harassment in Venezuela, and now they are doing it in Nicaragua,” Cuadras said. “There are many people who, while being tortured, heard the accents of Venezuela and Cuba in the clandestine prisons.”


It’s not reasonable.

When your job is to train the enforcers of numerous onerous regimes in that part of world, it seems reasonable.