Hangover Cure Discovered

A group of Finnish researchers believe they’ve discovered what people have spent centuries searching for: a cure for hangovers.

1200 mg of L- Cysteine was found to reduce alcohol related nausea and headache while 600 mg of L- Cysteine alleviated stress and anxiety.

I haven’t drank in 20 years because of the hangovers. I guess this cure is significant to those who do drink.

Are the phase 2 clinical trials underway ?

Hopefully we can have this ready by the holiday season so it can at least be distributed to the frontline workers and those in high-risk groups


In the short term … for those who have hangovers … this is great, but I can’t help but believe that in the long term, it will lead to more alcohol abuse. Pain is a great motivator to change one’s behavior.

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I’m sure it will.

Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat restless legs.

So this might be valuable to help walk a stright line to pass the proverbial sobriety test.

I had a beer last night after a hearty day of paramotor training. First beer in years. I spent the rest of the night wishing I had some Jameson. lol

Only amateurs get hangovers…:tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass:

I’ve found staying sober works pretty ■■■■■■■ well.

Perhaps, but it won’t help you pass a breathalyzer test.

If you do, try their “stout series.” It is finish aged in bourbon barrels that were then used to finish stout beer. Delicious.

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A banana and a Gatorade work just fine. That or another drink.

Maybe you’re thinking of quinine?

Bloody Marys have worked for like forever (with or without the raw egg. :wink: )

Figures it was discovered by Finns. They probably need it more than just about anybody else

I do like a good Bloody Mary with some heat.

Big Mac meal for the rare occasion I do get a hangover…

Finnish males apparently drink quite a bit…but probably not as much as the Russians.

But the drink isn’t why Finland is “the happiest country on Earth.”

A cup of cold gravy with a hair in it
and a serving of lime jello cabbage salad

A greasy pork chop sandwich served in a dirty ashtray…

Bonus if you get the reference.

I never got a single hangover in my entire life. Yes, I drink, and especially in my 20s. Am I just lucky or are there a lot of people that don’t suffer from them?