Halloween (2018)

I saw the Halloween (2018) reboot today, and I absolutely loved it.

It’s a great homage to the original film. I enjoyed the chills, suspense and humor in the film.

Jaime Lee Curtis delivered a terrific performance. And, of course, I loved Michael Myers. The kills in the film was awesome. Both kicked major butt!

There were some few issues I had with the film but, overall, this is a truly terrific film to watch this Halloween season.

I hope to see it again really soon.

You should definitely see it!

I give it a grade of an A-.


I also saw this movie tonight. My review is less glowing. It’s a movie that stays true to it’s 80s slasher film roots. Aside from that, my criticism would be spoilers, so I’ll state why I saw this movie in the first place.

I recorded a cover version of the theme song. My wife loved it and suggested we see the movie. So, here is my video.

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…loved the knife. :sunglasses:

Haha, thanks!

These movies are a bad influence on our children