Had The Insurrectionists Won

I’ve had a lot of time to think about this, and after some careful thought, I’ve concluded that had the insurrectionists had won on Jan 6, we would be a helluva wores off than we are now.

Don’t believe me? Foreign governments aren’t too quick to recognize new governments when the old ones are replaced by violent overthrow, and the US would have been no exception. Two things would have immediately happened if the US govt was toppled.

1. The US dollar as the world’s reserve currency would have been cancelled. Not phased out, cancelled.

Not a big deal, right? Uh, no. How do you now purchase the raw materials needed to power the US economy when your money is as good as confederate currency?

See a problem yet? Just one of many.

2. All treaties signed by foreign governments with the US become null and void.

Makes sense. With the former US govt deposed of, do those treaties exist anymore? Would the newly formed government even honor them?

Again, not a big deal right? You just would have zero foreign markets your factories here can sell goods to. You would not even be able to sell products to Mexico and Canada, since even that is because of treaties the former US government signed with them.

Of course, you could try going the full self-sufficient route, but that is going to take decades to get up and running, assuming you could do it at all (you would need foreign investment, and that is going to be hard to come by).

As bad as things currently are, and no matter how much worse it actually gets, it pales in comparison to what might have happened had the insurrectionists on Jan 6 won.

And I am damned glad they did not, because as dark as things are now, at least we have a chance to make it better.

It didn’t happen, friend. It could not possibly happen that a small number of unarmed protesters targeting the Capitol would take over the USA.


They have such active fantasy lives don’t they?


How did capitol police get killed? Somebody was armed, and they weren’t there for target practice.

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What? No capitol police were killed on Jan 6



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I hope you aren’t serious.

Yes. You do have an active fantasy life. No police were killed.

It was a serious incident. But let’s not make it out to be worse than it was.

There was no chance they were going to take over the government.


You’re right, the capital police officers were armed and the only person shot was an unarmed female. Shot in the neck by an armed Capital Police LT.


Of course not. The insurrectionist’s job was foul the count. Trump and his cabal would have seized power.

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I think that they forget transition occurs on the 20th of January, not on the 6th.


If he votes Democrat, he believes whatever their politicians tell him. This thread is proof of it.


lol, what active imaginations.

had the protest succeeded in delaying the vote, and had the campaign succeeded in getting 4 state legislatures to investigate fraud and/or illegal vote counting, and had all 4 of those legislatures found enough fraud and/or illegal vote counting to tip the scales, and had all four legislatures managed to vote in a new slate of electors, and had the democrat secretaries of state in three of those states signed off on the appointments naming those electors and sending it to the congress, and then had the house of representatives accepted those electors…

lol, even if the vote were delayed, brandon would be president, because there is literally zero chance all those things would have happened.


Which is wild that Trump attempted to do that.

his choice, and perfectly permissable under the constitution. matters not a whit if anyone likes it. and for clarity’s sake, no i do not support it. i do support his right to have attempted it, no matter how much i believe it was a stupid attempt to make.

especially since they weren’t trying to.

hypothetical: what would have happened if the proud boys got a hold of mike pence, who would have counted the EC?


You are buying into the “insurrection” myth. The real insurrection took place in November, the protesters were trying to restore election integrity and stop an illegally elected entity come to power. You can deny it all you want but Trump won in a landslide and the election was stolen, everyone knows it but won’t admit it.


The cult of J6 is upping the dose.

I don’t know.

Gas might have remained affordable…baby formula stocked and Putin staying in Donbas.

That is a bit more plausible.