H.R. McMaster: 'Wholly appropriate' for Gary Cohn to remove letter from Trump's desk

Wow. He just came out and said it. That confirms another thing in Woodward’s book, correct?


On the scale of “who cares”, this is far below trains and gang rape. #MAGA

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McMaster is obviously a member of the deep state, installed by the DEM’s to thwart Trump’s plan to make America great again…

i bet there have been other presidents that people have had to babysit. i just can’t remember one (except maybe when Reagan got older).

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I certainly hope voters make better decisions in 2020. In the meantime, my voting will be designed to hold Trump accountable.

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Not as much even after Reagan went into the dark hole of Alzheimer I bet.

Yup and like I read earlier it’s not even in the top 10 for stories today

Look, sometimes America can only handle so much stable genius-ery at one go. Better to have staff members dole it out a little at a time, to prevent MAGA overdosing.

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Maybe you should have read the article.

from https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/hr-mcmaster-wholly-appropriate-for-gary-cohn-to-remove-letter-from-trumps-desk

“It wasn’t to hide it from the president at all,” McMaster said.

So what other purpose was there in removing the letter and preventing Trump from signing it? McMaster did not elaborate on this, per the article either. I’m trying to rationalize what other reason there could have been?

Did you read Woodward’s book? Is there anyone in this thread that read the book?

I still have not had a chance. I’m dealing with a personal health issue that is taking a lot of my time right now. I know there are people here who have though. You should start a thread on it my friend. :slight_smile:

Good luck and God Speed with your health issue.

For others who are responding to the OP, I asked the question because I find it hard to understand how someone could comment on that single incident without reading the book for context.

In regards to a separate thread, I’m still trying to gauge interest. I would hate to start a thread without some kind of interest. Also my fear is that the competition with the Kavanaugh proceedings would be tremendous. So I will hold off for now.

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Thank you. Sincerely. It is the wife, and she is tougher than anyone I’ve met and am confident she will fully convalesce.

You’re probably right. Now it would get lost to the Kavanaugh thread.

You really can’t think of any other reason an aide would want a document? Maybe he wanted to add something to it or otherwise alter it, he was the Director of the Economic Council and you can’t come up with any reason whatsoever he may have wanted that trade document? Really?

Why the letter withdrawing the US from KORUS was taken away and never returned? No, I cannot. Can you?

I read it, and I know the context. Cohn makes it pretty clear (he’s almost certainly Woodward’s source) that he did it to “hide” it - to prevent the President from signing it, since apparently he’ll sign anything put in front of him.

If you read Woodward’s book, you’ll know exactly why Cohn removed the document from Trump’s desk - to prevent Trump from signing it and withdrawing us from KORUS.

By context I meant the overall interaction between a small handful of the primary subjects of Woodward’s book. I didn’t mean to dispute the incident. I was simply attempting to weed out those who are commenting on the small handful of talking points rather than the overall content of the book.