Gunman Kills Self, 4 Child Hostages After Florida Standoff

I’m not sure I can think of anything more evil.

Lindsey was a convicted felon, Mina said.

Criminal records showed Lindsey was on supervised probation for an arson conviction in Volusia County, WKMG reports.

Lindsey had been arrested four times for violating his probation in the Volusia arson charge, records show.

Didn’t this guy know as a convicted felon it is against federal law for him to touch a gun or even ammo?

10 years.

I wake up and hear something excellent happened overseas and then I hear about this…right here at home. I swear…… He shot 4 children. This is where I find it hard to be a Christian.

What excellent thing happened overseas?

Is there some reason this is in the second amendment category?

Arrested four times for probation violation…maybe they figured he deserved a fifth chance before they locked him up.

Don’t you just love liberals, they insist the murderous loons must be set free and then want to curtail the rights of the sane and law abiding when things get dicey.

Obviously, without 2nd amendment protections, convicted felons wouldn’t do this sort of ■■■■.

Come on now, it’s not like this guy got arrested violating his probation five times…everyone knows the first four “mistakes” don’t count.

What exactly makes this anything other than a local story?