Gun violence what say you

So, the gun (allegedly) used in the Brooklyn subway shooting on Tuesday was a 9mm Glock purchased by suspect Frank James in Ohio in 2011. Even though he had a record, was this a loophole purchase?

How does a fruitcake buy a gun, keep it for 10 years and then goes postal?

Disclaimer: people are presumed to be innocent until he or she has been found guilty of the crime by a court with appropriate jurisdiction.

I have net been able to find any information other then he purchased the gun at a pawn shop in Columbus OH in 2011. So we don’t know yet if he lied on his application, if he met all the requirements at the time or if this was a failed background check. I did note that reporters were asking questions about the gun at the most recent presser and the police responded that it was a ongoing investigation that they could not comment on at the time. So it looks like another wait and see case.

It’s from CNN so I can’t vouch for the veracity, but it’s being reported he has no felony convictions.

However, James had no previous felony convictions so was able to purchase a gun, according to Essig.

I haven’t heard a peep about this story anywhere else. :thinking:

the man didn’t have a conviction? why would a man have a conviction?!?

the GUN is responsible and the GUN should be convicted…

liberal logic is dazzling

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…wonder why?

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Mental decline easily can take less than 11 years. Same with various forms of radicalization or being overwhelmed by grievance hustling efforts.

It’s the Lord that doesn’t change, people can change a lot.

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