Gun violence in school

The parent(s) should also be held liable for any action from their children. First of all, any possesion or purchase of firearms no matter the type should have a required safe. If not either you could not purchase any or if you do have firearms require a certain amount of time to purchase a safe. If found your firearms are responsible in a hainess crime the parents should also be liable and charged for not having it secured.

Why do you think I keep and bear arms?

Gun nuts don’t give a ■■■■, especially Texan NRA gun nuts. So, why even try and post a soluttion?

You’ve lost the plot.

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Nah, you guys could give a rats ass, so why even try?

We apologize for not believing we should be penalized for the crimes of others.

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Exactly! Texas can blow themselves up and I could give two ■■■■.

I am perfectly capable of being saddened and caring about people being killed without assigning the blame to myself thanks.

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You don’t believe that. You really think I don’t care about 10 people murdered in a school a few hours from my front door?

I work with a young man who graduated from that high school.

I have a son who went to a school just like that one 5 years ago. His school in a town of 3k didn’t have a shooting, they had a rash of suicides, including the first boy to speak to him when we moved there.

Of course I care.

Our young male children are broken. I don’t know why. I do know it’s not because of guns. We’ve had guns since before we’ve had schools. Our young males have always had access to them. Guns were given to them as rights of passage for generations.

You guts say with absolute certainty it isn’t the drugs or the video games. Ok, I say with even more certainty it isn’t ARs or the NRA.

You want to ban the “how”, not address the “why”.

This kid used a .38 revolver. 1898. And a shotgun. Then he put out explosives. Are you going to ban those? He was already prohibited from doing everything he did. The NRA doesn’t advocate anything he did.

We need to address this problem. Focusing on the tools they use isn’t addressing it. It’s avoiding it.

From what I have read, there were at least 2 police officers on that campus at the time of the shooting. Would the result have been any different if he had set off an explosive in a classroom or plowed a car through a crowd in the parking lot?

Something is broken in these boys, that’s what we need to figure out and address.

I know there are a lot of you who think the right to keep and bear arms is antiquated, unnecessary in a "civilized society. Well we don’t live in a civilized society. There are savages among us and the police can’t protect us even if they are assigned to the facility we are in.

Our population is living longer and there are savages targeting them. You would leave them defenseless? Women outnumber men, you would leave them defenseless?

Laws do not stop savages. Disarming me will not stop savages. That broken boy wasn’t stopped by laws or the police.

So what do you want me to do?


Good for you.

Not being able to do anything you want to is not a penalty.

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I don’t recall saying that.

Yes it is. By definition. Stop posting drivel.

You don’t seem capable of it without assigning blame to others.

Its right there in black and white.

Sorry but its not.

No, it isn’t. I never said anything about being able to do any and everything.

Yes it is. Even a 5 year old understands that.

On other forum I’ve show beyond proof there were just as many guns per population and households now as it was 40 years ago.

What happen during that 40 years time period?

Can you say the age of radical liberalism?

You libs created this society…so stop your bitching.


Nope still not.