Gun supporters please read this

He’s not really a liberal.

What an asinine post.

It is not just a belief. It is law.

The death penalty for texting and driving.

Sure it did. The Collective. It has one feeling.

It is a powerful collective.



If your so against the collective how did you survive being in the military?

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Love it! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I realize you are a foreigner so I’ll explain something basic to you. The US constitution is not a list of things we can and cannot have. It is a list of the things the people and states gave the federal government permission to do. We are not subjects who are only permitted what the government allows, at least we weren’t supposed to be.


There have been many changes to laws with the aim to reduce road deaths over the years. Yes cars have been impounded because of unacceptable behaviour.

The USA Constitution was written by a group of men at a certain point in time. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a complete absurdity to think that the USA Constitution should not be modified when necessary.

It can be and has been several times. It even lays out exactly how to do it.

As do gangbangers in Oakland.

And your point is?

Nvrmind, it’s not worth it.


Gangbangers love 9mm too but you won’t see my sister toss her Glock into a furnace over it.


It should be “modified” when necessary, but there is also a process for “modifying” it.

Unfortunately, most gun grabbers feel that process should be bypassed whenever they want.

Sorry, not the case.

A little challenge for you (and it is entirely your prerogative to accept or not) in one of the gun threads put forward a suggestion that the 2A should be amended to provide a very limited range of firearms (no more than 3) should be legal for the general public and that magazine capacities should be no more than 4.

Likewise, they, not me, don’t care what you think. Neither side is going to back down.

That doesn’t even make sense.

We need to change the word infringed. There’s a lot of infringement needed.