Gun sales skyrocket in response to Biden riots

The NSSF, a trade association that represents gun makers, said that 40% of those who purchased a gun were first-time owners based on estimates from gun shop owners they spoke with in June.

In an August follow-up to the June survey, retailers told the foundation that 40% of those new gun owners were women. NSSF also said that 58% of firearm purchases were among African American men and women — the largest increase of any demographic group.

Will all these new gun owners be voting for the Harris-Biden Administration?

I think it is a mistake to assume that anyone who owns a gun is on your side.

I own guns.


Same :muscle:


Also, does anyone get tired of the constant “gun sales skyrocket” articles? Gun sales seem to skyrocket on a pretty regular basis for the past 20 years.

Gun industry gins up revenue by fearmongering over a Democratic POTUS. Details after the break.

That reminds me, what has the NRA been up to lately? Almost forgot about those jokers.

I’d hardly call it “fearmongering”.

One side can’t be quiet about wanting to ban the most popular type of rifle that’s used in less than 3% of shootings.


Worked for the gun industry during the Obama years. Hell, I picked up my first shotgun back then for that reason.

Can’t blame the industry for a little strategic marketing to goose their profits. If it didn’t work they wouldn’t do it.

Do you mean this? And I did specifically use a New York Post article. They’re seen as friendly media here:

It’s definitely fearmongering.

Any 9mm available near you, at a reasonable price? 5.56?

Fear = $.

“ERMAGERD Obama holdovers in the agency are continuing to weaponize gubmint to go after patriotic Americans!”

Something something, argle to the bargle.

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10 second google search




See a pattern?

Gun industry enjoys a sales surge rivaling Black Friday anytime it wants.

Good marketing will do that.

Yeah. But fearmongering implies it’s unfounded.

The words that come out of your parties mouth makes it not fearmongering.

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Democrats no longer believe in law enforcement and deliberately ignore mob violence. Sales spikes will continue unabated.


So all those previous surges in gun buying were necessary because…sorry what actually happened to need that surge of guns?

It is.

No, words mean nothing. Actions are all that matters.

Like in 1994? Those actions?

The only time it could have happened since was Obama’s first two years, and the left was too busy chasing universal healthcare?

Also. By this definition is it also fearmongering every time the left talks about Roe V Wade, gay rights, and welfare reform? Looks like a lot of fearmongering to go around.