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What’s your favorite shooter? Carry piece?
My personal favorite is my Stainless Colt 1911. Soft trigger, fits my hand just right, and dead on accurate. Me and the boys shoot once a month at my backyard range, and I school them every time.

I’m currrently looking for a good carry piece, but I like what I see in the kimber micro 9. I’m not a fan of the keltec or other versions of the super small conceal carry handguns. I don’t have banana’s for fingers, but I just can’t get a good grip on those little bitty guns.

I carry either a Springfield Champion or a Ruger New Vaquero.

I’ve been thinking about switching to a .22

I seems to left mine laying around someplace and now I can’t find it.

I’m in Texas, I don’t have to worry about that.

Can’t say I’ve ever lost a gun, theft or otherwise. They’re too damn expensive to lose. Unless, you shoot hipoint.

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I have it, I use my Browning 40-cal which is my favorite.

But I did lose one in my truck for years thou, 357 Smith and Western. When I did found it it rusted up pretty badly.

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My favorite shooter, handgun wise, is an ATI FX45 .45 Commander. Not as big as a full sized 1911 but it has a great trigger and the mass (36 oz. empty) dampens the felt recoil enough to make it comfortable to shoot for extended range sessions, EDC is a Glock 26 9 mm…

Funnest gun I ever shot was my uncle’s .38 Target S&W revolver with a 6" barrel. It had a very smooth action (it’s double action felt easier to shoot than most single actions).

I’ve lost them in my gun safe … and have to damn near empty the safe to find them. :wink:

I completed my Ruger Blackhawk 3-screw collection on Saturday. I finally found a very good condition 30 carbine. I had to pay more than I expected, but looking at prices on Gunbrokers it was a fair deal at $635. Gunna check it out at the range this afternoon.

10 ch

Anyone have any tips on the XDS?

I’ve been slowly making a decision for months and I decided I’m going to get a semi to carry instead of the revolver.

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I picked one up a couple of months ago for $150. Needs bluing, but a decent Plainfield.

I went the other way.

I used to have an XD(M) and now carry a Ruger .357 revolver.

On the XD I had no complaints on it though. It was a decent shooter and I liked the fact that the version I bought would take the compact mags or the full sized ones with a sleeve.

Every 1911 that is properly made is just a piece of functional art and a piece of firearms history all rolled into one.

The 1911 is to Semi Auto’s what Colt’s Peacemaker was to revolvers.

That being said while I have a substantial collection of both revolvers and semi autos these days I tend to carry the Springfield xd’s and xdm’s for EDC.

Usually I’m carrying an XDM 5.25" comp model in either 40 S&W or 45acp. Depending on where I’m going though and how I dressed I may opt to carry the XD in either the 3.2" subcompact or 4" Compact Model in .40 S&W.

The 3.2 and 4" are much easier to conceal but the 5.25’s are 16+1 in .40 and 12+1 in .45acp and I’m kind of generally a more is better sort of guy when it comes to magazine capacity.

Sounds like you had the 3.2" subcompact like mine. Handy little EDC carry piece.

I shot my instructor requal with it last year and qualified with my first 16rds in a 4" circle at 45’ and by no means to I consider myself a great shot with a pistol.

Some guns just seem to put it where you want it instinctively and others can take a whole lot of work.

I find my Taurus 5 shot 4" revolvers to be the same.

The first production of XDS’s had some issues. They were quickly resolved.

I find them to be too small for my hands but other than that would have no problem carrying one for a backup if needed or for EDC for that matter if they fit my hand better.

The XDM’s are double stack and come with different backstraps you can interchange to get a perfect grip fit which I really like.

Yep…that’s why I don’t carry.

That’s why you put it in a holster. If you forget it, it will still be there.:grin:

I know, I know…but I’d probably lose that too.:sunglasses: