Gun Deaths vs Car Accident Deaths

In the past few months, I’ve seen conservatives post memes of car accident deaths, cancer deaths, drownings stats, etc. They do this to minimize the scale of gun deaths. They do this to paint liberals as being irrational and making emotional arguments. They use it as a red herring.

Then comes the 9/11 anniversary each year. It’s met with solemn deference. As it should.

They wouldn’t dare make such a comparison. On that day, 2,977 people were murdered. It caused almost $200 billion in damages and economic impact. But the death toll and economic impact of car accidents far surpasses that each and every year.

And what did we do? We launched two wars where almost 7,000 US troops died and costs have surpassed $5 trillion. We completely changed how we do air travel. We went to the ends of the earth to seek vengeance. We set aside our own civil liberties. We threw suspects’ rights out the window in the name of security.

So, don’t give me some ridiculous argument that liberals are irrational about gun deaths. We blew the lid off rational reactions to a problem that would have mostly been solved by secure pilot cabin ( cockpit is filtered by the forum) doors.

Watch, someone is bound to tell you that the only reason 9/11 happened is because beyond TSA is a “gun-free zone” and if only passengers had been allowed to pack heat, we’d never have a hijacking or any other malicious acts in the air.

Not to mention all of that money spent… with no real tangible results.

And you want a repeat of that emotional over-reaction? No thanks.

I haven’t intimated what I want.

I’m curious if conservatives who typically agree with those arguments that minimize gun deaths by pointing out car accident deaths would be consistent with regard to 9/11.

If Arab terrorists were engaging in large scale attacks on American soil every few weeks, reacting to that in some way would not be emotional. It would be an attempt to protect ourselves and stop the carnage.

But because those participating in mass shootings are predominantly white men, we simply ignore the problem and hope praying to some ephemeral entity will be enough to fix it.

I am entirely consistent, neither criminals shooting people or terrorist attacks should result in the infringement of Americans rights.

I don’t give a fig about the race or nationality of the criminals attacking people, in no instance should Americans surrender their rights in response.

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