Gun Banning Promise

So just for discussion-sake; If we let you ban “assault-type” guns, will that be the end of it no matter what happens?

I haven’t forgotten that the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” of 1994 was not limited to “assault-type guns”. You also banned a lot of other ■■■■■ So you’re not trustworthy. No pistol mags or any of that stuff. ARs, AKs, FNs and clones. That’s it.

  • Yes, we have a deal. Just those
  • No, all semiautomatics and no mags over 10
  • No, only police will have guns
  • No, not only are we taking your guns, your knives and bows are next.

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8 views and no votes until I voted?

I can’t imagine anyone voting for any of those options unless they hated the existence of firearms just for the sake of hating them.

Can you add an option for taking measured steps to end mass violence to the poll? Bumpstocks aren’t guns, but they were an issue that this poll doesn’t cover.

That appears to be the case. lol

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Bump stocks are already banned. Anything else?

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Libs even want my 12 rd .22LR banned. lol

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They can always be unbanned. And since this poll is supposed to be a promise that’s the end of everything no matter what happens, it’s important that there be an option nuanced enough to handle such a situation.

Just bump stocks? That garbage doesn’t deserve its own option. They stayed banned for the purpose of this discussion.

What is it with you libs whining about poll options? And stop saying ■■■■■■■ “nuance”. It doesn’t mean what you want it to. Everything in life is not “nuancy”. In fact most things aren’t. Make a decision.

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How do you see the views.

And theres your problem. You see everything black and white. Life is certainly full of nuances.


It’s on the right.

Now it’s 55 views

A boycott, eh? How original. :slight_smile:

That’s laughable. The government never cedes back anything they take from the citizens.

Guns will never be banned

What this tells me no matter what we do it will not be enough for libs until their is total gun ban.


Registration of all firearms.

I.D. for all ammo and reloading equipment/supplies purchases.

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what this tell me is the poll is poorly worded.


What is the purpose of a registration of all firearms?

Makes them easier to confiscate from the law abiding citizens.
Not so much from the criminals.


The usual gun obsessive red herring.