Guiliani subpoenaed

the house has subpoenaed guiliani to produce documents about his communications with ukraine . guiliani has said that he wont comply with any subpoena without trumps ok but if he doesnt comply i dont expect him to retain his law license for very long…

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He asked for that

They will fight over this in court for months and it will be over before there’s any resolution.

Giuliani will not be losing his license over this no matter how much you hope he does.

Lol… I predict a swift ruling by a federal court and Rudy and his supporters will not like the ruling




Uh…this isnt gonna go how rudy wants it to go.

This gonna be a rude awakening for the law and order crowd

Well, the Dems certainly are making fools of themselves. The basis for this is nothing more than hearsay. Too bad the president they are setting will come back to bite them in the ass, but hey. TDS rules over common sense.

He will be proclaimed a hero and a holiday shall be named after him hence thisbday foreward

I’m sure Rudy has nothing to hide.

Keep calm and MAGA on!

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I thought that was 911?

TOTAL nothing burger, which explains how calm Donald has been the past 72 hours.


The precedent on impeachment inquiries is the courts will fast track. The courts understand it is not good to have such matters hanging in the balance over long periods of time.

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Any court challenges will be expedited due to being associated with an impeachment inquiry. It’s like you’re not even paying attention


You realize those words the typewriter in court types is hearsay right?

That’s not even counting the fact every lawyer over heard has laughed at this excuse.

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Hes been told

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Rudy will be on Hannity tonight. :popcorn:


Meh, the radical leftist Dems are going to have their butts handed to them.

Right now they remind me of sharks circling the waters and they’ve got a bleeding minnow to fight amongst themselves over :rofl:


The IG has confirmed many parts of the complaint… no longer hearsay