Guess Who Said It

"Now he has to use executive action and this is a very, very dangerous thing that should be overwritten easily by the Supreme Court…”

Pretty easy one really.

anyone have a guess?

Alex Jones?


There are a lot of constitutionalists here. Could be any one of them.

Trump said it back in 2015

On Morning Joe they have been playing a whole bunch of clips of Trump and Pence blasting Obama for his writing EO’s and circumventing Congress.

That’s amazing. These people have no ideology and no morals.

It was actually back in 2014… I’ll let you slide just this once.

I don’t watch that show, so I hadn’t heard it. I’m sure the left side of the media is going to be calling out trump for the next few weeks on this. It’s his own fault, though. He said it. They are his words.