Guess who’s making our iPhones

I literally walk to my bank that’s right next door and do my dealings in person. Then…most of what I do concerning local businesses is with cash. Personally, I leave very few footsteps. I don’t have Twitter, Facebook or any other social media accounts and never have.

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That’s why I’m glad I’m not an audiophile for music.

Saves me a lot of money because I can’t really tell the difference between lossless and lossy formats.

There’s always the chance that someone will catch some insecure legacy code in newer versions of iOS that apply to the older versions that the discontinued phones run on.

But with how he uses his phone, he’s really got nothing to worry about.

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Same here always been an iPhone user since it’s first debut. Feels kind of dirty hearing the news coming out of China. Guess that’s what we get being their biggest trading partner.

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No he didn’t.

Zipped on by…like it never happened.

Well the free market is clearly OK with it.

I suppose the CBP needs to get involved to clamp down on these free market scofflaws and enforce Section 230 of the Tariff Act. Works for me, how about you?

Gloss by the tanker load.

I do like tariff diplomacy.

This woke issue needs discussed first.

Golly gee what a scintillating Political thread.

Slow news day on FOX and CNN?

I don’t even have a smart phone, or usually carry the dumb-phone cell phone, as I simply prefer to be inconvenient to get hold of.

It’s a way of living in the sticks for the Information Age.

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When Buttons thinks I should be feeding him, but I’m obviously not, he play mauls my ankles.

Me either. But would you care if you did? I wouldn’t.

It’s actually been well known since Bush mid term. And still democrat and repugs did nothing…until Trump was elected and he attempted to do something about it. That’s what pissed of libs and never Trumpers.


Why and how were they “pissed”?

Insider trading for Congress may have had a slight hiccup but I believe I had read that they’ve rewritten the rules so no staffer is supposed to tell on them.

Cushy deals with ChiComs may therefore be one reason many in office hated Trump.

Agreed there was three issues Trump imho did right, or at least was on the right path. Trade, migration, and outsourcing/insourcing. As much as I was a free market guy it has become blatantly obvious to me free trade with those that practice slave trade doesn’t work.


Since everyone is now fine with Chinese children and slaves making their phones, just wait until those electric cars get pushed. African unemployment will be at an all-time low!


Yup, when campaigning, Trump sounded a lot like Sanders on some things…

Then he got elected, and did not do any of those things. Tariffs was a half ass way of dealing with China. Deal with the companies using that slave labor.

Wow. I am surprised forced obsolescence hasn’t gotten you yet. I literally used my old flip phone until it fell apart in my hands.

Yup. The TPP would have been a much more effective way to deal with China.