Guatemala postpones Trump summit, says will not sign 'safe third country' deal

Sounds like Guatemala never had any intention to set up a place for US asylum seekers. But it is south of us so I guess Trump gave it the ole college try.

Gee, you would think Guatemala would be thrilled to save some of their Hispanic brothers and sisters from the horrible oppression they are fleering from.

Guess Guatemala really doesn’t give a crap, huh?

“Under such a deal, Guatemala would be obliged to offer asylum to migrants who entered its territory en route to the United States. Migrants from Honduras and El Salvador heading to the U.S.-Mexican border overland usually cross into Mexico via Guatemala.”

Or that we would welcome some of our Hispanic brothers and sisters.

How dare Guatemala listen to their courts… They should follow our presidents example…

We can’t handle half of central and south america.

Our citizens and legal immigrants should come first.

That sounds really dramatic like a 70s soap opera. Half of Central and South America.

Now, how many people are we taking into the country a year now and in years past?

I think you’re gonna be surprised if you actually look the numbers up.

One more thing. Do you attend a church? If so what does your church say about the asylum seekers on our Southern border?

PS: where did your family immigrate to the United States from?

The Guatemalans need to fix their country. They should ask Trump how to make it great. Give up the socialism and gun control.

They should actually ask the of Obama administration. They’re the ones that pulled us out of the nosedive.

Trump just took a hold of a gold mine given to him as he did with his mommy and his daddy.

Dems agree with Guatemala when they say that, not when we say it.

Obama doesn’t have an Administration anymore champ. And the heir apparent to the throne was so full of herself she didn’t see a political neophyte outflanking her.

I hear Dems harping about not wanting the U.S to be the worlds “policeman”, but apparently they don’t have a problem with the U.S. being the world’s Motel 6.

None of that has anything to do with the fact that the Obama ministration pulled us out of the nosedive.

All the trump administration has done is taken the gold mine that they were given and continue with it.

Now, he has exploded our deficit. Other countries should not copy that.

Couple of interesting things about Jimmy Morales - he’s a conservative who is pro-capital punishment, anti-abortion, identifies as a nationalist and moved his embassy to Jerusalem following Trump’s lead.

Actually the recovery would have been more robust if Obama had done nothing. His tax increases, Obamacare and punishing regulations resulted in the slowest recovery in history.

that’s just a partisan guess by you.

did you know we just went through 15 months of chop on the DOW?

As I’ve done in the past, I invite LIBs to point to those policy decisions that were responsible for supposedly pulling us out of the nosedive. Was it Obamacare? Or maybe the tax increases? How about all of those punishing regulations? Maybe it was the war on coal?

The below wasn’t addressed to you but few free to respond.

Yep the world comes first to them at the expense of American citizens.

Where did your family immigrate from?

The stimulus was a farce. Very little of the money actually found its way to infrastructure projects. The Cash for clunkers program was another farce, with unintended consequences for the used car industry. The bailouts were just that. They prevented an even bigger catastrophe, but were not responsible for a recovery that was anemic at best.

Actually we needed no such thing.

Funny you never mentioned Obama Care, tax increases, punishing regulations and the war on fossil fuels.