Guards "forcibly" prevent AP reporter from attending EPA summit

A reminder that only one amendment matters to Republicans.

This is freaking nuts, gestapo in full force now.

the room reaching capacity, which reporters were aware of prior to the event.
We were able to accommodate 10 reporters, provided a livestream for those we could not accommodate

Looks like the media was aware that it was expected to reach capacity and only 10 reporters would be allowed in. Guess they figured or assumed THEY would be some of the 10. Looks like they were wrong.

How it was handled it wrong, but them trying to get in was also wrong if they were aware of the situation.

Will there be a point where Trump finally realizes that Pruitt is a liability for both his administration and for the GOP as a whole?

Remember the outrage at the old forum when Obama kinda sorta barred fox news?
I do…

It looks like the EPA was pretty selective in leaving out the AP, CNN and E&E, a news org. for energy professionals. It looks like it was an intentional move. Shame on them.

We don’t know the selection process.

Why leave out those three? Why not Fox? They were picked intentionally, in my view.

Only if you are willfully ignorant of everything this administration has done.

Do you know the 10 that were allowed? Article linked doesn’t specify and the linked article wasn’t from fox

So how would YOU choose the 10 media members? Would it only be the big left guys, or would you let in all kinds of small medium large media?

I reject your false premise of a “left” media. CNN is only liberal if you’ve left truth behind. What’s treated as gospel here is nonsense in the real world.

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From another article I read it was said that the AP reporter was not invited and that is why she was kicked out. I have always considered the AP one of the major outlets. And it seems that after this story hit they were able to find a venue that could hold all of the reporters who wanted to attend. If having too small a location was just an oversight then it was a mistake that should not have happened.

Horse hocky, they are so far left it isn’t even funny. Hell they were almost in tears when they figured out Hillary didn’t win.

So again, 10 spots for media. Should CNN assume they will be one of the 10?

I suspect that in the “real world” you inhapbit, CNN is not to the left at all.

The only reason CNN is considered “so far left” is the view from the far right media. And btw, there were considerable smiles and cheers on Fox on electionnight.

Do you think any of your views are remotely in the mainstream? Real question.

I’ll be one of the first to say FOX no longer should use the slogan fair and balanced. But CNN and the alphabets are left wing media.

This story says the EPA made the decision on who to exclude. And there’s no excuse for excluding just three members of the press. It was intentional. No doubt about it. More proof of the totalitarian Trump admin.

The reporter threatened “negative coverage” if she couldn’t get in, Wilcox alleged.

Was that an appropriate response from the reporter?