Gropey joe biden Set To Be "Interviewed" About Sexual Assault Tomorrow Morning

Creepy joe is running to the safety of trump-hating elitist msnbc morning joe hate-fest to break his months long silence.

It should be noted that the show’s hosts are well known for reading dnc and obama administration talking points verbatim on their morning rant, with co-host mika brzenski once famously kicking her co-host under the table when he strayed off-topic.

My guess is that the biden campaign has already supplied the questions for them to ask. Now he just needs to rehearse the answers to make sure he can repeat them on air without brain-freezing.


Do you think they will ask him if he is willing to ask for the records be released?? I’m leaning towards a big ole NOPE.


Only if the campaign gives them that question. So, no.

But he should demand the fbi investigate those records immediately.

Or else he’s guilty.


I got leaked the script:

"Did you do it?


“Ok, on a scale of 9 to 10, how bad does Trump suck?”


and be angry. angry yelling joe worked for him in debates


Why would a sexual misconduct complaint be in his personal records and not in the Senate records?

I would actually feel uncomfortable that Senators would have control over a sole copy of a sexual misconduct report. If that is the case, then that is something that the Senate should fix.

But… is that the case?

He will get gentle softball questions at best from those two.

They will accept anything he says of course. :roll_eyes:

she has said she filed a report with the Senate office of personnel.

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What records she doesnt even have a date

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So it would likely be there and not in Biden’s personal records.


far as i know, which ain’t far. i do believe they’re still sealed though.

I never liked having Congress police themselves with bs ethics and so fourth


I expect a hard hitting interrogation of Old Joe but Old Joe.


Just like what happens on Fox & Friends.

also would be corroboration in senate record on her employment as far as verifying she was moved to a new position and eventually moved out.


How so?

Well those are his personal records held at the University of Delaware.

I doubt that they would be there.

And if they were in that collection, I would doubt that they would exist anymore.

I mean… these things were going to be released in his lifetime. Why would he allow a sexual assault claim to exist in there if he had the only copy of it?

Or the judiciary.

Not better.