Grill that porterhouse to perfection


Nobody wants you to go away. We love the viewpoints you share.

If you didn’t exist, someone would have to invent you.


Wow, that is pretty interesting! I have never seen a mushroom kit at any of the stores I frequent. i buy mushroom dried in bulk. Add water to rehydrate. It just isn’t the same as fresh.


If you don’t want it soggy, could put it on one of those roasting racks with slotted lid and drip pan that every oven comes with, then cover it with tinfoil hat (I know you have plenty of those :stuck_out_tongue:) for the first couple hours, and yes 250F is perfect, and then open it up to brown.

Then! put on BBQ sauce if you must, however I find sauce is better used for dipping while eating, Texas style.


Everyone dies, however not everyone actually lives.


Burgers, brats and dogs for friends and their families today.

Big Ribeye steaks for my family tomorrow. Cooked fast over charcoal with hickory chips added. Spice mix for the steaks is equal parts salt, black pepper, garlic, ancho, with pinches of oregano, cayenne, and cumin.

America; we work hard and we generate enough wealth to celebrate.

You socialists go out and make sure that you are sharing your tofu equally with all the urchins that you so love raise as rabble.

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I doubt it (I type between bites of a quarter pounder with cheese)


Someone is playing victim.


You can’t be serious.

No matter how good your cut is, it needs to have salt and pepper applied before it goes into the pan or on the grill.


You are missing out.

Salt is imperative to cooking the best steaks. Really, imperative to all cooking.


…unless you are trump, right?

And what about the ketchup thing?


And I wish people didn’t buy so much of it from those giant meat conglomerates.

Especially around labor day. They are terrible for their employees, hire thousands of illegal immigrates, don’t practice safe conditions, slaughter their livestock in teh most inhumane ways and produce cheap, bad product.


Sometimes I use Montreal Steak seasoning from McCormick…low sodium.

And no I haven’t had ketchup in 25 years or more.


Oh my god, no. I recently got a salt block to grill on. I don’t need to salt whatever it is that i’m cooking at all if i’m cooking on top of salt.

Only problem with it is that it takes 45 minutes to get it up to temp. If you heat it up too fast it might break.


I was saying, Trump puts ketchup on his well done steaks…

DO you avoid salt for health reasons?

If not, I would highly recommend trying salt and pepper liberally (sorry…but that’s the right word) to a strip, heat the over to 425, heat a cast iron pan to as hot as you can make it…

Little oil little butter in the pan. Sear both sides on teh cook top for 1-2 minutes.

Add a couple table spoons of butter tot he pan, put it in the over. Flip after 3 minutes. pull out 3 more.

Let it rest for 10 minutes.

The salt creates the crust that you want…it;s really important to achieving that texture.


Yeah, so you are adding salt, just a different way…


I was nitpicking the word “before” in your post.

This thread has to continue to grow. We’re working on a 1000 post thread if we continue to talk about food.


I’ve just never been a big salt user that all.

One of those 26 oz iodized salt lasted me about 10 years or more…and then I throw away about last third because it becomes a rock.


Everyone who has been following pizzagate or qanon knows liberals eat fetuses not steak.


I thought conservatives only ate MREs in their doomsday bunkers?

More steak for us :hugs:


Lol these guys do not even know how to cook proper steak! :joy: