Grill that porterhouse to perfection


It’s a celebration of organized workers.


Yeah, all that bacon is salting the beef. Yummily.

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Jims the camera

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What party doesn’t want to be mean to people crossing illegally and wants to give them sanctuary cities after they have done it?


Since this thread has become all abput cooking, I’m going to ask for advice. I’ve got a 5 lb brisket to cook for tomorrow night. Normally, I’d smoke it in the Egg, but I’m in a ■■■■■■ apartment a couple hundred miles from my house.

My plan is to dry rub the brisket, wrap it in bacon, and cook it in oven at 250 for 4-5 hours, wrapped in foil. Then I’ll (sadly) throw out the bacon, baste it with bbq sauce and broil it for a couple minutes for a crust.

Does anyone have a better recipe? I’ve done this before and it worked like a charm, but I’m always looking to be better.


I for one love Tofu. My favorite is cold sprinkled over salad or sliced with crackers. I also lovve a nice steak. MMmmm! So I guess there was a point in this thread but I cant guess what it is. Im just hankering for a steak and some tofu.


Im sure the Mods will take care of it.


As long as you trolls are happy, I’m happy.


Wages aren’t rising as fast as inflation.


Today’s probably my favorite meat day of the year - my buddy and I roast a whole hog for 50 friends from college and their kids. This year we got a la Caja China box, so we’re looking at a 5 hour roasting time as opposed to 10 as in years past.

Time to go split a spine!


That sounds really good. I’d just opt for a lower sugar barbecue sauce to avoid too much char, which would take away from the flavor of the beef.


Best steak I ever had was Bison…After that it is ribeye all the way!


If they taste good and are good for you I’d definitely try it.


There’s a documentary on Netflix called “Bugs” that’s about eating bugs.


I did, it looks delicious.


The American Institute for Cancer Research, and many others, disagree with you.


I’ve smoked a whole pig before.

Nothing better when it’s done right.

Of course I had help from a master, since it was the first (and so far only), time I had done it.


Everyone dies.

My opinion is people need to stop being busybodies into what everyone else eats, and let them enjoy their lives.

Life is short enough to be constantly worry “Is this good for me to eat?”

You’d be amazed at how much your own body will tell you what’s good and what’s not.

For example, I used to eat hamburgers a decent amount. Not living on them, but a lot.

If I eat a hamburger now, I pay for it by being in the bathroom all the next morning.

So I rarely eat them anymore.

Listen to your body and not all the things people out there tell you.

And get regular checkups and colonoscopies.

My dad had colon cancer that he let go, so I know how bad it can be when left undetected.

So I get screened every five years instead of every ten, and I also started doing that when I was 40 years old instead of 50 like is recommeneded.


Maybe these threads are better suited for you libs.

Or does it upset you that conservatives uses this forum?

I bet that it isn’t it lib…you’re mad that we have the audacity to post on Hannity forum.


No one gives a ■■■■. That’s why we are here.