Grill that porterhouse to perfection



I wonder if they taste as good as pigs?


Too lean. Gotta add moose fat to it to make it taste good.


Is that you, Jonathan Swift?


We were talking about cute and personable not eating them. :wink:


But they taste like chicken. Tell me one reason why eating them should be a taboo.


Jeffery Dahmer. :wink:


Cat meat is extremely tender, yet chewy at the same time. Goes great with broccoli and oyster sauce.


That’s gross. Go away.


Because it’s easier and cheaper to raise chickens.


Caribou is super tender. I loved it.


I applaud your reasoning!
You win 1+ Internets.


I totally agree. A friend of mine has ordered hamburgers as rare as legally allowed. It’s at restaurants where rare is an acceptable request without getting seriously ill. I don’t know how she does it.

I went to Butcher and Singer in Philly, a known steakhouse. Ordered a porterhouse, medium rare, and to date, have not had a steak as perfect as that.


You haven’t eaten a steak until you’ve had one in a treehouse.

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Cook your steak on a chimney starter. It’s really good.


In Korea we had these heavy duty diesel heaters to use in our tents during winter. I’m not the smartest cookie, but at some point it dawned to me that I could boil water in a saucepan on top of the heater in order to make ramen. This was a game changer.


Yes, but relatively tasteless. The meat have almost no fat in it. Flavor is in the fat.


Hamburger is much more susceptible to contamination from infected pork than steak. Unless she grinds her own so that she know what has gone through her grinder and knows that it is completely clean between grinds, it is risky (albeit a very small risk) to severely undercook hamburger.


If Corey Booker becomes President, everyone must become Vegan!!!

No more Meat allowed! I doubt that meat eaters would ever allow
him to get rid of their meat.


I didn’t know Booker was a Vegan. It makes sense. He’s bald as a gourd. Baldness can be caused by a lack of iron and protein.


That is pretty much how steak is served at my house on any occasion. :smile:

Blue rare is my preference, at restaurants I order steak rare, as usually they won’t do blue rare. I will tolerate up to medium rare but beyond that, you might as well throw the raw steak in the trash can, cooking it to medium or beyond is essentially the same thing.