Grill that porterhouse to perfection


On steak? Easily. The flavor of the meat is in the fat, not the spices. Putting garlic on steak is like mixing Blanton’s with Coke.


This thread is in the Outside the Belway forum and its subject is beef steak. Knock it off.


LOL How many times have I said “what I shoulda said was …” :smile:


Nah, too burnt. lol


And maybe a little black pepper if you want some heat.

And people who put A1 sauce on a good cut of meat, should be doused in it, covered with feathers and run out of town on a rail. :wink:


Salt enhances the ability of your taste buds to detect the full flavor of the meat without changing it. And pepper adds heat to the flavor without changing it.

Salt (in various amounts depending on what it is applied to) enhances the natural flavor of pretty much anything … even chocolate.

… and tequila.


Raised beds are the best way to grow herbs.


Eh. Growing up, my uncle raised pigs. I don’t see them as cute or personable.


Sometimes I think the same thing about the kids I work with.

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Medium well or well are out of bounds, but rare to medium can vary significantly depending on the cut of meat and, more importantly, the chef. One time years ago after several disappointing medium rare and rare steak orders (it was during that tricinoses pork to beef contamination scare) I order a filet “as rare as you can legally grill it.” It was served seared on the outside and cold and bloody on the inside. I didn’t have the balls to send it back for a little more grill time. Fortunately, a really good cut of steak is still pretty good raw. :wink:


And moose is even better.


And some things are worth dying for. :wink:

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18 ounces IS a lot.


What thread do you think you are in? :neutral_face:


Best I ever had was caribou.


I want.

Care to share?


Wish I could.

I had it when I was in Lapland.


You have to get to know them one on one … like cats.


I need some hunter friends who want to share the wealth.


It’s too bad it’s frowned upon for eating cats.