Grill that porterhouse to perfection


:smile: You’re making me hungry.

There’s nothing better than grass fed.


Just came back from the store.

1 1/4 of fresh Columbia river King and two large chunks of Yellowfin.

Look through there King crab but nothing stand out for me…not for the price anyway.


Ok. That sounds better than eating Vegetarians.

I’m envious.


We do have to cull the population thou…and since vegetarians claim to be healthier then rest of pop.

Beside what else are lib good for? :wink:


You’re right. I still want to eat vegetarians.


Cut em up in tiny little tidbits and snack on em while watch TV. :wink:


Wrap them in rice and dunk them in soy sauce. Simply amazing.

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Typical Conan thread. Yet again we’re sharing human recipes. Someday I’m going release a book of the recipes we’ve shared.


Carnivores are juicier. Vegetarians are too stringy and tough.


Vegetarians are leaner.

Beside lots of olive oil and garlic helps. Some salt and pepper.


I thought you didn’t use salt.


Only if it comes off the bacon.


Lol I noticed that.


Well as other poster said…wrapping Vegetarians with bacon does the trick. :wink:


Replying to yourself.

Nothing says no need to question one’s mental stability like replying to yourself.


Ever have Caribou? Probably the best tasting meat I ever had.


I never had. I have no idea where to get it or how to cook it/season it. I would be very much interested in trying it!


Wrong again, little one.


Right…and you libs are all alike.


A mindless broad brush is not a good defense, little man.