Grill that porterhouse to perfection


Pass a law then…


Salt blocks are amazing. And, no for anyone wondering it does not make your food taste salty.

I actually have a salt block I use as a cutting board. Kills all bacteria and virus.


Add some rice. It will keep it from becoming a rock.


Need more info. Never heard of salt block except for livestock…and yes deer too.


Naw, you are doomed to eat ■■■■■■ self-steamed steaks, I find that more pleasing :joy:

You actually think it has to do with “flavoring” :rofl:


Not salty, but in my opinion, salted to perfection.

I know that’s subjective. Conan apparently doesn’t like salt, or he at least avoids it on purpose.

That’s an interesting idea. I have to imagine that’d give whatever you’re cutting a decent amount of salt. Do you have to add any further salt on say, asparagus, if you had them on your salt block cutting board?


Done correctly you remove most of the salt, and frankly this should be done before cooking occurs.


I don’t avoid it…I don’t like salty food.

I learn to appreciate actual taste of food itself.

I like string beans with chucks of bacon. I see people use salt on string beans…but for me bacon is better.


See example below. You cook food on top of the salt block. It adds flavor but it isn’t salty in the least. You can just scrape off “whatever” you cooked on it and reuse multiple times. The salt kills any virus or bacteria. So, it is great to use as a chopping block as well.


Cool, so it adds the salt that’s needed without the salty taste.

Gotta try it…thanks.


No, that is the thing. If you cook on a salt block it doesn’t add salt flavor like sprinkling salt over the food item does.

If you are going to cook anything on a salt block, I would say season it as you normally would. The salt block doesn’t really add salt like you’d think.

But it seriously makes a fantastic chopping block for yuckky things like chicken. You can just wipe it off because it is an instant sanitizer for bacteria and virus.

I don’t really know how to explain it except that you have to try it. I’ve had all kinds of food cooked on a salt block and the least flavor is salt.


Had that Saturday.

Today is Lamb Shoulder Steak.


I’ve cooked on a salt block probably half a dozen times in the past couple months. I’ve done steaks and shrimp. I haven’t added ANY salt, and every time the food was salted to perfection.

My mother really enjoys her salt, and even she isn’t adding any extra post-cooking. She will do that if I don’t salt something to her taste.

I don’t know why we’re experiencing different results.


My grandfather was 100% Greek. He used to pour salt on his food and everyone at the table was like :flushed:

But, that is what his body craved.

If you do not crave salt, then you are already receiving what you need. Eat according to what your cravings are. It is your bodies way of telling you it needs something.


I don’t know how to really explain it… but it doesn’t add salt. You just have to try it. It works on a grill or in an oven.


Lamb is good.


Well I need something that gives me the salt I need without the taste.

So this salt block won’t do me any good then…except for cutting board.


IDK… In my business I get to go to many outdoor cooking events. Vendors cook on salt blocks… Chicken, kielbasa, steak, etc. When cooked on a salt block it tastes much better, but does not taste salty. It just tastes… better.


I inherited the Greek somehow. Give me greek olives, give me capers and I am in heaven. It is possible a salt block for me just doesn’t cut it.

So, try it for yourself to see.


I have enjoyed cooking with the salt block. It does taste really good when I use it.

At some point i’m going to have to try using it to just sear my steak after cooking it to perfection with my Sous Vide. I’m unsure how much it’d impact the flavor if I only sear it for 1-2 minutes on each side, but it’s probably worth a shot. If I did it that way I probably would have to add extra salt before I Sous Vide.