GREEN NEW STEAL: Dem Senator Says Socialism Means ‘Increasing Living Standards’ for Seniors | Sean Hannity

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley defended the concept of American socialism from President Trump’s scathing critique this week; saying liberal policies are simply seeking to “increase the living standard of our seniors.”

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Apparently, Sen. Merkley’s idea for “increasing the living standard of our seniors” is to bring down the living standards of everyone else. He doesn’t seem to understand that this will lower seniors living standards too. He is an idiot with his head stuck in a hole in the ground who can’t see what has happened in every other country that has gone this way. There is not a single government in history that has produced wealth, i.e. economic prosperity, for its citizens. It has always been the people that have produced the wealth that grows the economy and supports the government. As the people succeed and thrive, so does the society and that can not happen under socialism. Merkley, AOC and the others are just proof of the definition of insanity and we don’t need people like this taking over our government.

Dims are great at making claims that are just that: Claims. I’d like to know SPECIFICALLY how this socialist plan helps seniors. HOW. Provide details, not “claims”.