GREEN NEW MEAL: Cortez Says Americans ‘Eating Hamburgers for Breakfast’ Hurts the Climate | Sean Hannity

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended her ‘Green New Deal’ during an appearance on Showtime’s new late-night program Thursday; saying Americans “shouldn’t be eating a hamburger for breakfast” to help cut-back on carbon emissions.

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The last time I ate hamburgers for breakfast, it was because I was working the night shift. For some people, it is probably the least expensive way to get a good source necesary protein. What the veg-heads don’t tell you is that you can gorge on plant products all day and still suffer from malnutrition because plants don’t give you all the nutrients you need without suppliments. By contrast, you could eat a basic hamburger, two or three times a day, and get all of the nutrients your body requires. Guess now we know what is wrong with AOC and the veg-heads. They’re suffering from conditions caused by malnutrition.