Greater Idaho I find it intriguing

I have been paying attention to the idea of merging eastern Oregon with Idaho. I don’t have no stake in the game just admire the way they are going about it in merger as maybe a hypothetical recipe for other states. I know we have seen the term balkanization, civil war, un-united states etc… This seems like a decent more civil move than the alternatives.

I highly doubt it will happen but I see it less damaging than adding states or seceding as both states would retain their two senators and I was reading about how this started and the people who brought this up talked of capping the house of representatives so that republicans wouldn’t gain seats in the house. Basically at least according to the proposal both states would keep their numbers in the house and Senate unless I am reading this wrong as the representatives from Eastern Oregon would either merge into bigger counties in Idaho or not have house representatives as not to increase the house numbers at the national level. Again maybe I am reading the wrong source but that’s what they were proposing.

Eastern Oregon is more conservative and let’s face it Portland Oregon is about as progressive as you can get. I am sure we could go down the list of states and find similar examples of states voters that feel marginalized both democratic and republican voters that shifting of borders keeps the union in tack yet gives them a chance to feel heard, or at the very least living in a state similar with their values and culture. For instance like D.C. merging with Maryland the possibilities are endless and as I said this looks a lot more civil than all of the secessionists movements and break away movements I have about. It probably won’t happen but I don’t disapprove.


I am under the impression for this to occur it would require a positive vote in each states’ legislature for it to happen. It seems to me that two of those states, Oregon and California, would not vote in favour of this proposal.

Presumably there would be areas in Republican controlled states where Dems would feel some angst over their minority status and vice versa. Would they also be able to move, albeit not physically, to a more compatible state? I am not sure this is a viable proposal.

Zero chance of it happening. If residents like another state other then their own. Here in the United States we have freedom of movement.

Those oregonites can move to Idaho.

Switching an area of a state to another state makes zero sense.

ESP for the people who would want to stay being an oregonite


Oregonian ??

Agree. there is zero chance of this. If they love Idaho so much, move there.

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Why no chance? Oh right, everyone knows, once the left has you in its clutches it will never let you go without blood being spilled. Consent of the governed is a foreign concept to them.


why not “west idaho”, the 51st state

I find it intriguing too. No reason not to.

Why can’t people who want to live in Idaho just move to Idaho? Why are the only two choices “blood being spilled” and redrawing state borders?

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Is there something sacred about a states borders?


They don’t want to live in Idaho.

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No. Is there some problem with moving to Idaho if you want to live in Idaho?

They want to live under conservative governance. They can find that in Idaho.

Sure can be, like where your job is, or you like your house and neighbors.

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Personally, I’m pleased to see libs coming back around to the ol’, “If you don’t like it, leave.”

I hope they stick with it.



If you like your job, your house, and your neighbors in Oregon, then you don’t want to move to Idaho.



While we’re at it let’s make Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan into new states.

Staten Island can be demoted to a territory, it’s a weird place anyway.


So you like everything about your life except the people in charge of the state government? That doesn’t make sense to me.

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