Great work by the ladies in Nadler's committee hearings

A couple of great examples of ladies just hammering the democrats with facts in reference to their proposed gun bans.

Amy is with the Heritage foundation.

Dianna is a retired PO and firearms instructor.

Now…if only those with their fingers of ignorance they’ve placed in their ears, will remove them and listen to these two ladies.


Democrat Politicians Say, Facts Not Good.

Must keep Americans ignorant to facts, so they keep voting for Democrat Politicians.

Fight the power Dianna Muller!

Don’t let the Democrat Politicians take Americans and your guns away!

Yuuuuuuuup! You said it best!
@Democrat Politicians! Quit trying to make law abiding citizens into criminals! and then try to protect, or make it less criminal(or less of a sentence), for the actual criminals that do the actual harsh crimes.

Maybe Americans shouldn’t be allowing the Politicians(Democrat ones), that have some of the worst cities on crime, make the gun policies?
I mean that would make logical sense to me.

Sadly no chance of that, they won’t let anything dissuade them from the narrative. We must be disarmed to the greatest extent possible because the lowly people cannot be trusted with guns.

Maybe we should just make them live under the laws they pass like the rest of us.

Remove all of their personal and gov’t provided security details’ firearms.

But then there wouldn’t be a double standard, like there currently is. lol.

I’m kinda crazy and way out in left field with that one I know but what the hell, let’s give it a try.

I don’t think that Democrat Politicians would like that very much.

They would actually be held accountable for their actions, and couldn’t be so immoral, and so corrupt then.

Plus their little lackies that(Democrat Politicians) they own and pay salaries over at NBC, ABC, and CBS, wouldn’t like it either.