GREAT QUESTION: Grassley WANTS ANSWERS Over How an ISIS Fighter Came to US as ‘REFUGEE’ | Sean Hannity

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley demanded answers this week over how an ISIS fighter wanted for murder came to the United States as a “refugee” in 2014; raising serious concerns over other potential enemies currently residing in the country.

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There are more than likely thousands here thanks to Obama. Imagine if Hillary won the election, you wouldn’t recognize the country because she was wanting to increase the amount of people being able to come here. This is only going to be the beginning of the harm Obama did to this country. I can only hope that people will eventually realize that, and take action to insure that will never happen again. There are still many questions that need to be answered about Barack Obama that have never been truly answered. We are suppose to take of faith all that we are told. I don’t.