Great News, the Border Crackdown is working

The federal budget ends on September 30th…

They haven’t just been “repairing” existing fencing, they’ve replaced broken down and useless fencing that wasn’t stopping anyone with 20-30’ Bollard Wall.

Doesn’t matter he’s got the emergency funds in hand already along with all of the other money that was approved but not yet spent.

Emergency funds are not “approved”…

You make a valid point and perhaps if Trump was truly a great negotiator he could have reached a compromise but from day one and before he had done any outreach he was insulting and belittling the very politicians that he had to work with.

But with that said did not Trump control it all for two years? How did he fail to get the backing from his own party to get the wall built early in his administration.

Perhaps this will help.

emergency funds in hand already along with all of the other money that was approved but not yet spent.

Lolz sure.

Yes…it is and it’s beautiful and it’s working.

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No they haven’t.

He appears to think that replacing old, dilapidated, and useless fencing doesn’t count.

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How does replacing what was already there equate to a new wall?

Trump never said I will replace old fencing with big new beautiful fencing.

You really are grasping at straws to try and say that Trump has been successful in delivering on a key campaign promise.

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No, all the grasping here is on your part. If an existing fence wasn’t stopping anyone it wasn’t serving any purpose and needed to be replaced.

The Russian collusion saga finally came up with nothing after almost 3 years of constant, 24 hour a day bombardment on every news outlet from coast to coast. Then it’s something else, then something else and each day…the sky is falling. My gosh…and in spite of ALL of this, this border wall project is moving ahead. Funds are being diverted and libs are squealing because they understand…this project IS moving forward.

It does not count.

Go on then advise Trump when it comes to reelection to say I did not build any new wall but I replaced old sections . See how that plays out.

You proved my point about supporters playing verbal gymnastics to prove Trump has done something he has not.


I love the smell of napalm in the morning. :sunglasses:

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By election day we’ll have several hundred miles of both replaced fencing and new wall.

I’m sure he’s deeply concerned that you may not vote for him again.

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So Mexico is not paying for it - we have to divert funds? You said it not me. Thats Another election promise Trump could not keep.

The fact that Trump has not delivered on his election promise is not the sky is falling situation its holding the President accountable for key promises he made.

Nearly 4 years since he was elected and all he has managed to do is repair some existing fencing and you call that progress.

If come election time we are seeing substantial sections of the wall being built and a huge construction project underway I will concede he is starting to deliver but until then.

Okay I am going to bookmark this. You have staten by election day we will see several hundred miles of both replaced fencing and new wall.

As i said to Smyrna if that happens I will agree he has delivered, if not do you agree to concede he failed to deliver?

It hasn’t even been 3 years since he was elected and it doesn’t seem that anybody is complaining bout how the wall is being funded except those who would never vote for him to start with.

I don’t think he’s too worried about it, I know I’m not.

He’s already delivering, I never expected it to be completed during his first and not even necessarily during two terms, too many hurdles.

I learned not to believe everything politicians tell us to get elected long ago.