Great article - Paglia Interview

Camille Paglia is a liberal Democrat and an impressive thinker.
In this article she summarizes her views on today’s political atmosphere and what may be in store for 2020.

  1. Trump will win in 2020 provided the economy is still on track.
  2. The Democrats do not have a coherent message or a convincing candidate. Their only message is Hate Trump. That will not resonate with the voter in 2020.
  3. Trump’s erratic behavior serves to solidify his image as the anti-politician- a needed breath of fresh air. The constant liberal attacks on him have the opposite effect of what’s intended.
  4. She says she thinks Hillary wants Trump to be reelected. I’ve never thought about that but I can see it. ‘If I can’t beat him, I don’t want anyone else to have the honor’

Agree with her or not, it’s a good read.