GREAT AGAIN: US to Become World’s TOP OIL PRODUCER by 2019

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The United States is poised to become the world’s top oil producer by 2019, with experts predicting America is set to create a whopping 11.8 million barrels per day by June of next year.

According to Bloomberg, the Energy Information Administration upgraded its estimated output for the US energy sector Wednesday, adding that the nation would quickly become “the world’s largest producer of crude.”

“In 2019, EIA forecasts that the United States will average nearly 12 million barrels of crude oil production per day,” said Linda Capuano, Administrator of the EIA. “If the forecast holds, that would make the U.S. the world’s leading producer of crude.”

“U.S. crude output has remained above the 10-million-barrel a day mark since February. That’s while Saudi Arabia told OPEC it pumped about 10.5 million barrels of crude a day last month as the kingdom sought to cap rallying prices by ramping up output, according to people familiar with the matter,” writes Bloomberg.

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