GREAT AGAIN: $2 TRILLION Added to US Economy Under President Trump | Sean Hannity

The United States Stock Market has added over $2 trillion to the American economy since President Trump won the 2016 presidential election; smashing expectations and further signaling a robust recovery following years of stagnant growth under Barack Obama.

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What is the national debt at again?

I wouldn’t worry about it - Trump said it’s going to be paid off in 8 years anyway…

Were you bragging about the trillions added under Obama? No, didn’t think so bot.

I wonder where this bot is coming from. I know from the olld forum onward that sean doesnt post here.

This bot would qualify as a troll and be banned if it was any of us flooding these forums without discussing a single topic.


I really miss the old forum.

OUCH! Is Obama shell shocked again? lol

Bypassing filters, a dozen hit-and-run OPs at a time. Tsk tsk.