GREAT AGAIN: 10-Year Economic Optimism SURGES, 71% Forecast Long-Term Gains

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A new financial report from UBS released this week shows long-term economic optimism jumping to 71%, with investors and insiders saying the US recovery will likely continue over the next decade.

“Long-term investor optimism is up, with more than seven-in-10 calling the economy’s fundamentals “strong,” according to a new investor and business survey,” writes the Washington Examiner. “The latest UBS Investor Watch Pulse Poll found that 71 percent are more optimistic about the 10-year economic outlook than they were just two months ago when it was still a high 68 percent.”

“The poll was the first to take the pulse of investors and business amid the government shutdown, which has prompted the administration to cut back on the size of it’s delegation to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland,” adds the report.

Read the full survey from UBS here.