Grassroots Building For Michelle O VP

do you think it will happen?

i know she says “no” but we know what that means.

it also means she would be president and let Biden out to wander in the yard

in case you didn’t realize how “admired” and “brilliant” she is, here is abc “news” lol


She has no interest in it

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Wait, so this ticket will be Hillary and Obama? Jeez, that’s gonna leave a mark.

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so she says now


who says?

This is a great idea. She is one smart lady. And she turns Republican men to butter.

She will attract a lot, and I mean a lot of voters. Biden would do well to talk her into it.

by “butter” do you mean “stone?”

She isn’t interested and I suspect is smart enough to know it isn’t worth the media magnifier.

Pocahontas on the other hand…

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oh gawd…

Hence, this OP and thread.


i think she would beat trump if on the ticket

Trump could make fun of her butt or her “man arms”, like so many posters did here for 8 years.

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Many posters have indicated that Biden won’t make it til Nov, and speculate that Hillary will slide in.

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If Michelle is on the ticket then the election is over. She’s like the most popular person on earth.

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i think thats the idea

oh a “speculation” on your part too then ok

Remember when they thought about drafting Oprah?

i didnt. i like man arms on a gal

as long as it’s really a gal




I see a trend about to become a pattern.

The Obama’s have been raking in ten’s of millions of dollars since leaving the White House, buying multi million dollar properties, and living an elitist privileged lifestyle:

The Presidency more than served its purpose for them.