Grassley thinks Trump is a tax cheat

There’s just no other way to spin this:

“…all you have are Democrats who want to go after the president any way they can,” the Iowa Republican said in a speech on the Senate floor. “They dislike him with a passion, and they want his tax returns to destroy him.”

Whether you’re an ex-bartender from the Bronx, or a pretend billionaire from Queens, the ONLY way your 1040s will DESTROY you is if you’ve evaded taxes. What does Chuck Grassley know?

He’s right. They want to perpetrate a hate crime then…lol!

I once heard some advice on being successful in life.

#1 - Stay out of debt.


#2 - Pay your damn taxes.

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Notice the left no longer thinks you are innocent until proven guilty. Add that to the CNN reporter thinking the FBI should stop political chants… very scary!

Mobs don’t usually profess the innocence of people. The internet is a mob, left or right.

And how do you prove cheating on taxes, could it be that you examine them?

It does beg the question of how your tax returns can destroy you?

The only way I can think of is if I lied or cheated.

I don’t care of he cheats on his taxes; everybody does it. His policies is all that matters. So far trump has done all the things we hired him to do.

I think we’re all missing why Trump doesn’t want his taxes released. It will show that he’s not actually a billionaire as he loves to claim.

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Speaking only for myself, I don’t. Do you ?

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Hey, I’m not the one that thinks Forrest’s returns can destroy him. If I’m not mistaken, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee is one of the entities that has the power to compel production of an individual’s returns, so Chuck may already know how bad Trump’s returns are. Perhaps it was a Freudian slip on his part.

Well, I’m gobsmacked. This should be embroidered on a sampler and hung in the Oval Office.