Grassley Refers Avenatti and Swetnick to the DoJ for Prosecution

I’m completely ok with this. Either A) Avenatti will be proven a liar and we’ll finally be rid of his showboating rear end…

Or, B) Kavenaugh will be proven a liar, and we’ll have just cause to impeach his drunken frat boy rear end.

Really, either of these is fine.

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Neither will happen I’m afraid. Just politics theater.

Yeah. Avenatti getting involved in the Kavenaugh thing was not good… especially since his client’s story was not really believable.

But yeah… I see this as a win/win also.

Yes… Like indicting 13 Russians knowing you’ll never have to prove anything in court…

To be clear, they were not referred for prosecution. The were referred for a possible investigation.

Grassley doing theater before the election, is really what it comes down to.

Two supreme court picks and like 60 fed court appointees. Trump is one lucky president, although part of me thinks the dem’s establishment did not really object to holding up Obama from appointing them as they expected Hillary to win.