GRASSLEY GOES ROGUE: Says His Panel WILL VOTE on MUELLER ‘Protections’ | Sean Hannity

Just one day after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed he had “no plans” to vote on official “protections” for Robert Mueller, Sen. Chuck Grassley announced his panel will go forward and vote on the proposed legislation.

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Until the investigation is over, Mr. Mueller needs protection from Idiot Boy trump. I just wish Mueller would hurry. I can’t wait to see Idiot Boy dragged out of the White House in handcuffs.

In fetching for a title for this piece the author says in part: [GRASSLEY GOES ROGUE]

This is incorrect. Should read: [GRASSLEY WENT ROGUE A LONG TIME AGO]

Goofy Grassley’s latest begs the question. WHO IS HE TRYING TO IMPRESS NOW? Certainly not his constituents. Who? MSDNC? Keith Ellison? Shoomerclown? Russia? China? Who?

True, he looks roguer today than a couple of years ago but the pompous, arrogant bespectacled baffoon who should have stayed on the farm was always a snake in the grassley.

This coming from the foremost super conservative MrOT.